Our Goal

We are seeking young and innovative minds that can help shape the future. Hence, we always encourage students from all ethnicities and backgrounds to apply for our commission and help us make a difference in our societies. The youth mind is incredibly creative in so many ways, and should not go unnoticed. As a commission we are excited to serve as a platform for the youth voice in the STEM field, and aid a city/countywide effort to assist youth in their pursuit in finding the right career path in the STEM field. To have your voice be heard and to be part of this wonderful opportunity, go to the “Join” page and apply to be a Youth STEM Commissioner.

Our Plan

We have 9 commissioners on our board, each representing a region of Los Angeles. Schools from all over Los Angeles can make a club at their school with the guidelines provided on the “Start a Club” page. ┬áDepending on which region your school lies in, our website will direct the leader of your school’s club to the Commissioner of that region for guidance under the “Contact” page. ┬áTo inspire healthy competition, the LAYSC can hold our own Demo Day at Los Angeles’ City Hall; there, the top projects created by LAYSC’s clubs will be presented to the rest of the commission. All clubs may submit their projects proposals to us for advice.


LAYSC’s Commissioners

Titles and responsibilities.

Chief Executive Commissioner (CEC)

The CEC serves as LAYSC’s president. The CEC oversees all affairs concerning the operations of clubs, funding, networking, and the movements of new initiatives.

Chief Technology Commissioner (CTC)

The CTC oversees the LAYSC’s participation in Google’s annual Demo Day. The CTC organizes a diverse selection of projects for each of our clubs to work on.

Chief Media Commissioner (CMC)

The CMC oversees the LAYSC’s internet persona. The CMC updates our website’s blog and runs the social media accounts to showcase the activity of our members.

Chief Operations Commissioner (COC)

The COC organizes our internal affairs to make sure all is running smoothly. The COC oversees club applications and club activities.

Chief Policy Commissioner (CPC)

The CPC keeps the LAYSC up-to-date with the latest regional and national policy changes and movements. The CPC’s oversight keeps us up to code with any new rules to competitions and showcases.

Chief Creative Commissioner (CCC)

The CCC is always seeking new, innovative ways to help the LAYSC move forward. The CCC oversees recruitment tactics, event coordination hosted by the LAYSC, and how to leave our mark in the community.

Chief Financial Commissioner (CFC)

The CFC oversees the LAYSC’s finances. To promote involvement in the STEM field, the CFC must look for creative ways to spend, earn, and fundraise.

Chief Information Commissioner (CIC)

The CIC oversees that all information pertaining to the LAYSC is accurate and true. The CIC oversees our website’s activity and will aid all those interested in the LAYSC.

Chief Diversity Commissioner (CDC)

The CDC oversees relations within and outside of Los Angeles County’s school districts. The CDC ensures that every interested person is given a fair chance and has a voice in our commission.