• What does ‘LAYSC’ stand for?

    LAYSC stands for the Los Angeles Youth STEM Commission.

  • What does ‘STEM’ stand for?

    STEM stands for the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

  • Why was the LAYSC started?

    The City of Los Angeles Youth Ambassador Cohort members started the LAYSC in 2015. Since they believe that youth need to be advocacy leaders for widespread STEM initiatives, they thus created the LAYSC as a platform to give youth the opportunity to practice leadership and build their STEM skills and knowledge.

  • What does the LAYSC do?

    The LAYSC encourages youth members to participate in Demo Days that are supported by private sectors and the local government. Demo Days enable youth citywide to work with one another on a number of challenging competitions that spark innovation and inspire research. The LAYSC’s network then provides youth the opportunity to present policy recommendations to elected officials.

  • How do I join the LAYSC?

    Join the LAYSC team of 9 commissioners by visiting the ‘Become a Commissioner‘ page and filling out an application.¬†Or, if you are interested in establishing your own club as an extension¬†of our program at your school, please follow the guidelines listed on the ‘Start a Club‘ page.




  • I have a project I want to propose. How do I propose my project?

    If it is a project idea for the entire LAYSC, then you may present at a meeting session. If the Commissioners wish to advance your project, you are to present a proposal by the next meeting. If this is a project idea for your school’s club, please submit a proposal to the Commissioner of Technology through the ‘Contact‘ page.

  • How will joining the LAYSC help me with my future?

    By working on LAYSC projects, our youth is able to efficiently organize and execute complex projects that can be implemented into real-life situations. Not only will LAYSC-designated projects promote innovative growth, the LAYSC also has many connections to the government and technological companies such as Google. The LAYSC provides youth the opportunity to connect with as many resources as possible so that they may pave and shape their own future.

  • Who does the LAYSC know? Who supports the LAYSC’s movements?

    The LAYSC is supported by members of the city, state, and federal government. Political figures often attend LAYSC meetings to provide advice on government empowerment to our youth. The LAYSC is also supported by private sectors, and advocates of education and of STEM. Advocates may assist with projects or provide insight into the career fields of STEM.

  • I am an engineer and want to provide mentorship to the LAYSC. How can I help?

    All volunteers are welcome to join the LAYSC team. It is required that all volunteers get lived scanned and submit a statement of interest. The LAYSC advisory board will then set up a one-on-one meeting with interested parties before volunteer assignments are coordinated. Please contact the board on the ‘Contact‘ page.

  • How can I support the LAYSC?

    Parents may support the LAYSC by volunteering at events and fundraisers. Political figures and other important figures may offer to speak to LAYSC youth during meetings and/or events; or they can offer earmarked or discretionary funding to establish and support LAYSC STEM initiatives and projects. For those who wish to provide sponsorships, donations, or monetary support, please contact the LAYSC on the ‘Contact‘ page.