Start a Youth STEM Club Extension (Y.S.C.E.) by following the below information and criteria:

Youth STEM Club Extension (Y.S.C.E.)

Y.S.C.E. Program is a Sub-Category of the City of Los Angeles Youth STEM Commission.


Y.S.C.E. was created in support of assisting Youth STEM commissioners and interested youth populations with expanding the footprint of the Citywide Youth STEM Initiative to their respective high schools. The Y.S.C.E. program provides students with a creative way to expand on their portfolios, through STEM and community engagement efforts in the following ways:

  1. Build a comprehensive high school portfolio by expanding on extracurricular activities,
  2. Community centered projects that foster peer-to-peer collaboration, volunteering and helping to advance the STEM field.

According to one of the most respected guides in undergraduate admissions, the U.S. News & World Report, undergraduate admissions rates no longer only rely on academic performance. Universities are reviewing extracurricular activities, which “weighs selectivity heavily in its calculations.” The Y.S.C.E program is the perfect catalyst to complimenting student’s undergraduate preparatory needs and requires each high school club to complete a creative project that contributes the STEM field.


This partnership is an agreement between student leadership groups and local government.

Each Y.S.C.E. partnership school will be required to create a student led project. The project can be as big or as large as the Y.S.C.E. group decides, however, Y.S.C.E. groups must survey their capacity and choose projects that fit their group’s size. The Y.S.C.E. program should never get in the way of a student’s studies, it is structured to be very adaptable and simple to implement. As a club, there will be step-by-step worksheets that assist the clubs in moving their project at an appropriate pace to be completed by the end of the school year.

Upon completion, the project will be displayed at an event hosted by the Youth STEM Commissioners, known as Demo Day, to highlight and promote their leadership groups’ achievements, projects and experiences. The culmination event includes Representatives from the City of Los Angeles, Council Offices, LAUSD School Board representatives, Neighborhood Councils, Congressional Offices and each school’s Alumni Board.

How it Works and General Requirements

The Y.S.C.E. program extension requires schools to agree to be part of a uniform operation that involves supporting, mentoring and providing each youth group with the support needed to spearhead a successful/thriving program at their respective schools.

A strong marketing arm is essential to the growth and development of the initiative. Y.S.C.E. sites will have to agree to adopt the Y.S.C.E. brand, its agreement letter, its affiliates, and its governing rules. The following menu of requisites is required by each club as follows:

  • An official meeting on campus at lunch once a week with the identified student body leadership to formalize partnership;
  • A designated room/space for program operation with a teacher to sponsor the club;
  • Implementation of social media, which allows Y.S.C.E. clubs to reach out and offer partnership opportunities with other Y.S.C.E. school sites through social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc;
  • Minimum of 8-10 participants;
  • Collaborate/Partner with other Y.S.C.E. at different schools to help each other in getting partnerships for guest speakers needed to assist them in their specific projects;
  • City Hall visit to meet with the Youth STEM Commissioners;
  • An official Program launch and Timeline set-up;
  • Use of the Y.S.C.E. logo/trademark/materials, resources and agreement.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Y.S.C.E. program, please feel free to ask us any questions under the contact us page.